Murder Casebook
The halloween Murders 1962
Running Time - 3mins 49secs

When Constance Conklin took her two young cousins, Ian and Penny Conklin, out Trick or Treating on Halloween, it was supposed to be a fun event. It ended up with both Ian and Penny being brutally murdered.

A short time after they departed for the fun event of the season, Constance ran screaming into the house alone. Hysterically she tried to explain what had happened but the only sense she was making was that there was nothing she could do about it and she was powerless to stop the children being snatched by a black man in a green truck.

The Police were not satisfied with her version of events as there were a number of glaring contradictions in it and so they questioned Constance more closely. In addition to this they also turned their attention to Constance's boyfriend, Gregory Sampson, but they were still unhappy with their explanation of the sequence of events that lead up to Ian and Penny being abducted.

It seemed almost by chance that the bodies of Ian and Penny Conklin were discovered at the side of a country road covered in some brushwood. Their heads had been smashed in. Close to the bodies the Police found the murder weapon, a thick branch off a tree that was covered in blood.

The Police were about to uncover the clue that cracked the entire case. They found a small piece of material gripped tightly in Penny's hand.

The Police conducted a search of Constance Conklin's wardrobe where they found a torn blouse made from the same material that Penny Conklin had in her hand, but the most damning find was that the blouse was covered in blood spatter. Tests on the blood proved that it belonged to Penny Conklin and the Police arrested both Constance and her boyfriend Gregory Sampson for the murders of Ian and Penny Conklin..

It was Sampson who eventually lost his nerve and confessed that both he and Constance had murdered Ian and Penny Conklin and that it was Constance who had invented the kidnap story.

Both Constance Conklin and Gregory Sampson were charged with the murder of Ian and Penny Conklin.

Constance's motive for killing the children was as cold as it was stupid.

The week before Halloween, Ian and Penny had caught Constance smoking a cigarette. They threatened to tell her mother. Constance Conklin's mother had strong views on smoking and had made no secret of the fact to Constance that if she ever learned that she was smoking, she would put a stop to her seeing Gregory Sampson.

While they were out Trick or Treating, Constance had questioned Ian and Penny to find out if they had told her mother anything about what they had seen her doing. They hadn't told her anything, but Constance could not be certain that they would not talk in the future. Because she could not be sure that they would not say anything at a later time, both she and Gregory Sampson decided that murdering them was the only option available to them to make sure that they never would.

Ian and Penny Conklin were both beaten to death with a tree branch.

Constance Conklin and Gregory Sampson were charged with their murder, found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, where they both remain to this day.

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